Working Hard to Remove Them Quickly!


The Eviction Company is your one-stop eviction service. Our company has over 30 years of experience, serving an array of legal documents for the South Florida area. Our main office is located in Miami, Florida and offers an array of services to Landlords. We will prepare all the appropriate forms, file them with the courts & the Sheriff’s Department and then follow your eviction through the legal process, always ensuring it progresses as efficient as possible.




Why should you let us handle the tenant eviction process for you?

Instead of trying to evict a bad tenant yourself, it is better to use our services. At The Eviction Company, we can help you evict your tenants hassle free. Our services are state specific and tailored to help you achieve your goals. Using our tenant eviction services give you the best chance of saving time and money. If you are ready to remove your bad tenants, just fill out the contact form located in the Contact Us page and let us handle the process or simply contact us directly at (305) 603-9229.

Working Hard to Remove Them Quickly